Croatia: The Aqua Adventure

We will explore the  Pletvice Lakes, then to the Islands of Solta, Brac and Vis.
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This is a journey with an emphasis on Water.

A combination of two energies – the play element of water and the healing/cleansing element of water.

It will be a time to take in the magical islands, bays or coves of Croatia, the soft blue of the Adriatic Sea, the gentle people, the smell of lavender, the sunshine and natural beauty of this Mediterranean coastline.

To connect with the healing energy of water, sometimes languid, other times playful, frivolous and fun.

Moments at dawn or dusk, sunrise or sunset, to turn within, to take time in quiet contemplation, while paddling or supping or lazing near the water.

To return refreshed, cleansed, at peace, ready for a new beginning of some sort, yet full.

Like Croatia itself, whose tourism payoff line reads “Full of Life”.

And what better way to feel “Full of Life”, than playing in the waters of life!

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Hvar kayak tour