Circle of Silence and Sound Playshop

Everything in this universe is a vibration, a resonance. When we take time to allow our bodies to tone, to sing and be in joy, we raise our own vibration.

When we allow our cells to be bathed in sound, from Tibetan bowls to gongs, we find vibrational healing.

Our evening will begin with a gentle Yin Yoga class. Yin is the yoga of deep relaxation into the connective tissue, the fascia. Postures are done mostly on the floor, using props to totally support the body as it drops towards a new “edge” of letting go. Lots of breathing, relaxing and just allowing. Less doing. More being.

After a short break, we will lie down and get cosy as Courtney bathes our bodies in healing sound. Sound as medicine. She has been doing this work of sacred sound healing for many years and I have been blessed to experience her amazing talent many times. I always feel restored after her Sound Journeys….body, mind and spirit.

This playshop will be held with participants in silence. Only the teachers will speak.

Limited spaces.     R390.
Payment will secure your place. Please bring your mattress or yoga mats, pillow, blankets, eye mask if you use one, water bottle. Fruit will be supplied. Please bring additional nibbles if you feel you might get hungry.