Circle of Sound Playshop

Everything in this universe is a vibration, a resonance. When we take time to allow our bodies to tone, to sing and be in joy, we raise our own vibration.

When we allow our cells to be bathed in sound, from Tibetan bowls to gongs, we find vibrational healing.

I will be teaching the Nia Sounding Routine from 5:30 to 8:30 pm on Sunday 28 February. During this routine we do not fully dance as we would in a regular Nia class. The movements are more like gestures and flowing shapes, allowing us to tone to the incredible music of Tim Wheater’s “Heartland”. We use our whole body as an instrument of vibration.

After a short break, we will lie down and get cosy as Courtney bathes our bodies in healing sound. Sound as medicine. She has been doing this work of sacred sound healing for many years and I have been blessed to experience her amazing talent twice. Both experiences have left me deeply relaxed and revived.

Only 20 spaces.     R390.
Payment will secure your place. Please bring your mattress, pillow, blankets, eye mask if you use one, water bottle and a snack to sustain your energy.