Women's Retreats
“Freedom already is
It’s who you are, who you always will be
It’s time to live in the freedom that is already here
It’s time to live a life of Grace”

Brandon Bays


Women's Retreats
Women's Retreats

Time To Be

Most of us live in a busy world, a world of doing, doing, doing, with very little time to simply BE.

Going on retreat is a gift to the soul.

A time to allow for introspection, for letting go, for self-nurturing, for gentle contemplation.

A time to disconnect from the fast-paced outer world and reconnect with the slower paced inner world.

Women’s Retreats are a joyful time of sharing together, be that swimming with the dolphins or savouring the gardens and quiet spaces at Temenos.

I invite you to take time just for you, in a circle of sacred sisterhood.