TRE Hout Bay

Private TRE Sessions

Although TRE is an organic, easy to learn modality, it is recommended that several facilitated sessions are done first, to ensure that you can self regulate and not go into any serious overwhelm or dissociated state. This is especially important if serious trauma is involved.

Initial session 90 mins – R550

Follow-up session 60—75 mins – R460

6 follow-up session package – R2520

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Group TRE Sessions

Group classes are held approximately every 4 – 6 weeks in Hout Bay and Glencairn. It is preferable to have done a private session with Tania before attending.

Costs:  R200 per session

Venue: Sky Above Yoga Studio, 29 Forest Hill Road, Hout Bay or Eat Surf Yoga, 13 Glen Road, Glencairn

Contact Tania directly on or click here, to find out when the next class will take place.

Fascia Release

Fascia Release works very well in conjunction with TRE. This process involves releasing stress from the connective tissue. With TRE the stress is released via shaking. With fascia it is worked out by “combing” the fascia to release tension trapped in it. The tension is released along the fascia lines or trains (see more on the work of Tom Myers). The body is literally reshaped and as with TRE, as one area releases trapped tension or trauma, so another area along the same fascia train can find relief, often after years of tightness.


Per Session (1 hour 45 mins) – R630

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