The Joy of Sound, the Joy of Silence Retreat, Temenos, McGregor

“Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than in his own soul” Marcus Aurelias
Within the heart of the tiny village of McGregor, at the corner of a dusty country road, lies a Sanctuary of the Heart. A place that invites us to “Turn Within”, to let go the busyness and the doing,  to take a moment to be and to find that much needed out breath. This is the sanctuary called Temenos.

The Joy of Sound,  Joy of Silence Retreat is a time to balance these two energies. A celebration of the joy of connection, of communication, of togetherness as one human family. We dance together, we share great food and wine together, we enjoy music, we speak about matters close to the heart. And then we “slip beneath the blanket”, a blanket of silence, held in the loving embrace of our companions, the magnificent gardens and the healing spaces of Temenos.

It is in this great silence that we find our true selves, before returning to our busy lives. Always a little lighter of spirit and filled with the deep love of the Beloved that has breathed us all into being. Come and join this gentle retreat (held in Autumn and in Spring) and give yourself a time to really “Turn Within”. Accommodation is in fully equipped self-catering cottages. Single accommodation only, as we are in personal silence.

The next retreat planned for Temenos in 2023:
Wed 18 to Sun 22 October
Only 12 spaces within Temenos. Accommodation outside can be arranged with unlimited access to Temenos.

Joy of Sound

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