TRE Hout Bay

Private sessions via Zoom have been discounted, to allow more people to receive support at this time. Group TRE classes will remain via Zoom until lockdown is completely lifted. Half the proceeds will still go to support human and animal feeding schemes in need. Please contact for more information.

Private TRE Sessions

Although TRE is an organic, easy to learn modality, it is recommended that several facilitated sessions are done first, to ensure that you can self regulate and not go into any serious overwhelm or dissociated state. This is especially important if serious trauma is involved.

Costs – Initial session 90 mins:

Quiet Room (SA Residents) – R620
Zoom (SA Residents) – R500
Zoom (Non-SA Residents) – 40 Euro/US Dollars

Follow-up session 60—75 mins:

Quiet Room (SA Residents) – R520
Zoom (SA Residents) – R400
Zoom (Non-SA Residents) – 35 Euro/US Dollars

See all treatments at the Quiet Room.


Group TRE Sessions


Costs:  R200 per session

Venue: 29 Peak Road, Fish Hoek or via Zoom Click here for directions.

Bring:  Yoga mat, blanket, pillow, journal and coloured pencils

Contact Tania directly on or click here, to find out when the next class will take place.

Zoom TRE classes take place monthly. Click here for next class date.

Fascia Release

The Fascia Release method I use does not work deep into the fascia, causing pain to the body. Instead, I work the superficial fascia of the body. Fascia, being connective tissue, means that whatever we do to one part, affects other parts. This means that long held, inner tension patterns can be shifted by working the superficial parts of the body and it will in turn “inform” those deeper layers, to release and shift.

Fascia Release leaves the body feeling lighter and freer and there is plenty of time to sleep and relax during the treatment. Our bodies need to integrate past trauma. Pain is not helpful in this process, so I work to each body’s unique needs.


Per Session (1 hour 30 plus 15 minutes consultation time) – R680

See all treatments at the Quiet Room.